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You have a business idea - an idea that will change and shape your future. To ensure the first step succeeds, it's worth it to have the best possible overview of all relevant information and requirements early on. What legal form is the right one? What structures will you have at the beginning and how will you set them up? What are your financial needs? How can cover them? We can help with all this and much more.

  • Analysis of the Overall Situation
  • Determination of the Correct Legal Form
  • Business Plan
  • Establishment
  • MarketingStrategy
  • Analysis of Financial Needs
  • Liquidation Planning
  • Budget
  • Accounting Arrangements
  • Credit Request
  • IT Infrastructures
  • Insurances
  • Sozial Insurances
  • Pension Planning
  • Tax Optimization
  • VAT
  • Legal Questions
  • Strategc Orientation
  • Start Up Process Support


Founding a company

Know-how for establishing a business

On request

Director: Jan Vogt

2 days from 8.30 – 17.00

Zürich-Zentrum or close surroundings

Approximately CHF 600 – Drinks during breaks and documentation included

Methodology: Communication of knowledge

Seminar contents

Founding principles, law and legal forms, insurance and pensions, investment and financing, taxes and VAT, accounting and calculations, administration, marketing

Book notes

Becoming self-employed

Norbert Winistörfer



This book covers all the questions that are important for establishing a business, and guides you step by step to creating a sustainable business plan.

Big success in small firms

Hans-Peter Zimmermann



One of the best success books that we know. You can find init easily feasible realizable instructions for your practice.


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