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New Financial Accounting

On 23 December 2011, after a 10-year period of consultation, the new Accounting Act was voted on. This was brought into force on January 1, 2013 with a transitional period of two years for companies which have no consolidation requirement. For companies with a consolidation requirement, there is a three year period. We will gladly provide a copy of the new accounting regulations.

That period has nearly expired and 2015 has begun. We from Treuhand-Zentrum Zurich have naturally prepared for these new regulations, which relate to all corporate forms.

The following list shows the most important changes:
It was fundamentally planned by the legislator that the rearrangement would be tax-neutral. Nevertheless, from different professional committees, it has been seen that the tax offices again have many appealing possibilities. Naturally, we will exhaust all possibilities to deter these.

These are only selected changes. We could continue the list for many pages.

Naturally, our goal is to introduce the legal requirements as efficiently as possible.